About Us

Hello from The Heart Blog, we are a Mum (Hazel) and Daughter (Ellie) team. 
Hazel began The Heart blog in 2012, it was then known as 366 Hearts.

Hazel and The Heart Blog's Story 

It was 2011. I was going through a tough divorce, we had lost the family home. And i was bringing up my 3 teenagers in a rented farmhouse in the Shropshire countryside (not to mention the 2 dogs, 3 cats and 6 very friendly chickens). 

My world had been turned upside down and i was finding it hard to pretend to be ok. One day something online caught my eye; 'Do something creative for 30 days'. 

I saw a way of putting some magic back into my life. I chose to make a blog and called it; 'Inspiration returned'. It felt like I'd made myself accountable to the world, and at the end of each day for the next 29 days I let myself go creatively crazy. I would follow pattern and colour wherever they led me. It was my own personal adventure, it reminded me of who I once was.

I enjoyed it so much I set a longer challenge. ONE FULL YEAR of being creative, rather than just the 30 days.

After dismissing lots of ideas I decided on the idea of painting a heart a day and adding an inspiring quote. It was a Leap Year so I called my project 366 Hearts 

I began on Valentine's Day ( seemed appropriate for hearts) 2012.

Searching within myself for the courage I needed to face each day I added an inspiring quote and sent them out via the internet to whoever would like to share my journey. Really learning that small steps forward can make a difference. At then end of the year I learnt how important it was for me to sit at the end of the day and think about how I felt, and what I needed to focus on the following day. 

Some days painting my heart was my life saver, it was important for me to know that I'd accomplished at least one thing that day, that I'd promised myself i would do. 

I set myself a new goal of creating 1000 hearts, which then turned into 2000! When my blog posts stopped going out they were missed and I was asked to repost them from the beginning. People loved my hearts so much i created the heart books, where i put a collection of my favourite hearts. 

Life then got in the way, and i slowed down with the hearts. 

Over the last few years I've been asked to start painting a daily heart again. With lockdown in place it seemed a good time, as the project is based on wellbeing and staying positive.

So, myself and Ellie joined forces earlier this year. To give 366 Hearts a new look- THE HEART BLOG. I have also started painting a new and original HEART everyday, which are available to purchase from the website.

 For a really special present why not consider a 'Commissioned heart' go and see what other people have already said about theirs.

thanks for reading,

Hazel and Ellie x