2001st heart

Hey it's been a while since I painted a NEW heart.

I've been asked to begin again, especially in the current stay at home situation.

Ive thought about this a lot, is it really possible for me to come up with a new inspiring heart everyday? plus I've already used 2000 quotes so I'm struggling to find new ones.

Originally my hearts were very personal about getting me through the next day. I sent them out via my blog and email to whoever wanted to receive them and I got messages back from all over the world from people who really appreciated them.

But a criticism was that they were all pretty much about the same message everything's going to be alright, there's light at the end of the tunnel, that sort of thing, but... it doesn't always get better for everyone. At the moment all our news is about the Coronavirus, most who get it will recover, but some people won't.

So I will begin again, but instead of painting something for tomorrow, I'm going to paint something from today. It will be a celebration of the little things that inspired me and made me smile. Things I'm grateful for.


I will be needing help with new quotes to use, either your favourites or your own, please send with the author's name to  info@theheartblog.uk

and if they fit I'll use them thank you

lots of love

Hazel xx

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